Enids Playgrounds

Custom Creations

Imagination has no limits...

Exclusive and Unique

Our custom creations are designed from scratch for you and are guaranteed to be both unique and exclusive. No one else will have a creation like yours and it will be created from your ideas, tastes and desires.

No matter if you want aplayhouse, achildren's room, kitchenette, ahouse for your pet or give a magical touch to yourgarden, our designers will create a custom design that will suit your requirements. Whenever construction fulfills all safety measures, it can be stated that there are no limitations in the design of these products.

Themed Creations

If you prefer a custom playhouse for children with a more adjusted cost, we offer you the possibility of modifying one of our standard models, adapting it to the theme you want. For example, based on the design of a Far West house, you could create a medieval blacksmith shop, a haven for smugglers, a house of candy, the Santa Claus workshop ...