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Enids Playgrounds

They imagine, we create....

A pirate ship, a haunted castle, a fairy house, a cottage, a dragon's lair, a mill, a tent in the oasis, a kitchenette or a garage. Imagination has no limits, that’s why in ENIDS we create amazing decoration products and play spaces that delight children and adults.

Combining the Valencian artistic tradition with the English seriousness and commitment at work, all our product ranges offer fun, originality, distinction and the highest quality, without neglecting the strictest safety standards.

Our Creations

We offer two main product lines, although they are different, they share the same characteristics in terms of quality, finishing, and materials

Customized Products: Creations designed according to the tastes and requirements of the customer. These are unique items, so no two people will have the same product.

Serial Products: Products that given its quality, could be considered as unique and exclusive, but they are not. Although many customers have the same product, we offer the possibility of theming it, creating an almost exclusive article.