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Fun4Pets Product Line

For many of us, pets are another family member. For that reason, in ENIDS we have created Fun4Pets, a line of fun and original houses especially designed for them. Using always the best materials and considering the maximum comfort and safety for your tenant, our pet houses for dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, or ferrets are also a great decorative element.

For those who want a more customized product, we offer a bespoke creation service to design the house or town that best suits your tastes and needs. If you are looking for a feeder or birdbath, you can find it in our catalog for garden decoration.

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Fun4Pets Pethouses USA Barn

USA Barn

Pet house inspired by the red barns of the North American Midwest. Thanks to its bright colors and its fun design, it has become one of our flagship products. The house is spacious and easy to di...

Starting at 259€

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Fun4Pets Pethouses Boat Hut

Boat Hut

Now, your pet can live in a hut built with the hull of an old boat. This construction can be purchased with or without a base. The second option is designed for pets that require soil or bedding,...

Starting at 125€

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Fun4Pets Pethouses Far West

Far West

Stop there stranger, if you are new to the city, look closely at our Far West houses. Simple, elegant, themed, original and very fun. Its flat roof is quickly disassembled for easy cleaning and, ...

Starting at 249€

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Fun4Pets Pethouses Mountain Hut

Mountain Hut

This wonderful Alpine cabin is the ideal shelter for your pet. Simple and economical, designed for those looking for an original refuge, but at a moderate cost. It has an adjacent area that can b...

Starting at 149€

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