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Camelot Series

The Camelot series is inspired by tales and legends of medieval origin to offer a children's room in the form of a castle. All the elements of the series have been designed to be joined so that the bed constitutes a central patio surrounded by walls and defensive towers. In addition, all elements can be arranged in a linear and independent way to accommodate smaller bedrooms. All elements of the series are purchased independently to suit your needs and space.

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Kids Bedrooms Camelot Bed

Camelot Bed

An amazing bed inspired by the world of Camelot. The set includes a large headboard, a bedside table with two shelves and a bed frame. The headboard has a raised shelf and a secret hiding place b...

Starting at 625€

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Kids Bedrooms Camelot Wardrobe

Camelot Wardrobe

This wardrobe is the perfect complement to your Camelot bed. It has a fun design and its four sides are decorated with vinyl stickers that simulate chipped bricks on the wall. In its interior, th...

Starting at 359€

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Kids Bedrooms Camelot CabinetShelf

Camelot CabinetShelf

The shelf provides extra space to store books or toys. Fully decorated with vinyl stickers that simulate windows and bricks, it has a shelf that can be repositioned and three sturdy large drawers...

Starting at 329€

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Kids Bedrooms Camelot Gate

Camelot Gate

Footboard for your Camelot bed that simulates the wall of the castle. It is a general storage furniture with double door and two movable shelves. It is decorated with vinyls that simulate bricks....

Starting at 230€

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Kids Bedrooms Camelot Headboard

Camelot Headboard

Those customers who already have their own bed structure or want to use the Camelot headboard as a decorative element for a play room, can purchase it separately. It has a raised shelf, a secret ...

Starting at 510€

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Kids Bedrooms Camelot Table

Camelot Table

The study table of the series integrates perfectly with the set, simulating an exterior wall of the building. It has two cable hole covers. The back, in the shape of a battlement, prevents object...

Starting at 185€

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