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The ship was wrecked a few weeks ago on that inhospitable island, but the survivors have been able to take advantage of the remains of the cargo and turn them into the closest thing to a home. The Crusoe series is based on the use of box structures that allow to be combined according to the needs and tastes of the client. Thanks to this modularity, complete shelves of various heights and widths, high or low wardrobes, wardrobes with drawers or shelves, etc. can be created. The set is completed with a spectacular raft-shaped bed.

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Kids Bedrooms Crusoe Bed

Crusoe Bed

There is nothing like resting on a raft floating in the midst of the warm, calm waters that surround the island. Our incredible Crusoe series bed is a unique product on the market that amazes big...

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Kids Bedrooms Crusoe Box

Crusoe Box

Small box that can be used as a shelf hung horizontally or vertically. Several of them can also be combined to create a high vertical column or put upon the study table as an extra shelf....

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Kids Bedrooms Crusoe Wardrobe

Crusoe Wardrobe

Wardrobe with reversible door and a shelf adjustable in height. Combine two of them to create one of larger capacity or purchase additional shelves if you want a closed bookcase with a door. The ...

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Kids Bedrooms Crusoe CabinetShelf

Crusoe CabinetShelf

Modular box designed to be combined to suit the customer’s preferences. It allows to create open shelves of several units of height, tiered structures or with different orientations. Its in...

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Kids Bedrooms Crusoe Table

Crusoe Table

Five small boxes and a few boards of the ship were enough to create a large, functional and robust work table. The table has a large cable hole cover and five fixed size spaces ideal for storing ...

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Kids Bedrooms Crusoe Drawer

Crusoe Drawer

Module of three robust drawers with high-quality guides for smooth use even when heavily loaded. With exterior dimensions identical to those of the shelf module, this drawer is fully compatible w...

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