Enids Playgrounds

Making Dreams

Imagine it, make it, and surprise everyone...

From Your Imagination to Reality

Each project is different and the end result should be as faithful as possible to the wishes and imagination of the customer. This is the aim of our designers: through individual talks and advising from our experience, they make sketches, renderings and/or preliminary models. That way the customer will clearly see how the playground will look like before building it.

The Manufacturing Process

Once agreed a design between our conceptual design illustrators and the client, begins a purely handmade building process that involves an architect and specialized personnel. As a company born in Valencia (Spain), we have a long tradition of craftsmen linked to the world of the Fallas, furniture and state of the art construction. Only in this way we can ensure the highest quality and rigor in manufacturing.

Delivery Times

Our delivery times are always close but vary depending on the purchased product and the place in the world where it has to be delivered. Custom creations are completed, depending on the complexity of the project, between 45 days and 6 months.