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Sales or Information Booths

Malls, shops, public areas, events, kiosks...

Fixed Booths

Small, medium or big booths are a resource often used by companies that need to install striking stands in owned zones, or in public or third areas. These solutions are ideal ticket booths, information offices, kiosks or food stalls. In Enids we can create yours totally customized, with the guarantee that they will draw the attention of the public and, if necessary, will differentiate you from competitors

Stormly Bar

Indoor Booth

Sales or Information Booths - Fixed Booth

African Food Corner

Outdoor Booth

Sales or Information Booths - Fixed Booth

Mobile Booths

Malls, shops, public areas, events...

Carts and Vehicles

While our fixed points can move fairly easily, they require assembly and disassembly. For those customers who prefer solutions based on carts or vehicles that may change locations by simply dragging them or a minimal folding, we can also create products that will excite both them and their clients.

Fair Stands, Spots or Corners

Designed for occasions in which small accessories for exhibition or sale are needed. Our Spots are the perfect item to offer catalogs, decorate tables or create a dream Candy Bar...

Medieval Cart

Sales and Food

Sales or Information Booths - Sales Cart