Enids Playgrounds

Themed Areas

Parks, shops, business, restaurants, hotels...

Small Playgrounds

Increasingly more parents go shopping with their young children. Giving them the option to stop worrying about their kids for a while, considerably improves sales. Our small children's play spaces perfectly fulfill this function while at the same time attract and gain the loyalty of customers with this profile.

Large Play Areas

For those businesses or large surfaces with high influx of public, we offer spaces that combine thematically several individual components to create a big children's playground. As well as being shocking, these areas provide distinction to your business.

St. Patrick Kindergarten

Small Playground

Themed Area - Small Indoor Playground

Castle Park

Large Outdoor Play Area

Themed Area - Large Outdoor Play Area

Educational and Recreational Rooms

Schools, Kindergartens, Libraries, Clubs...

Themed Recreational Rooms

A pirate galleon, an enchanted forest, the rooms of a castle, a tree house, or a lighthouse at the end of the world. Any indoor room can become a themed play area for children or adult recreation. Our designs integrate the entire set, decorating walls and floors, camouflaging or mimicking doors and windows, adding elements at multiple heights and room dividers, selecting furniture. As well, any business, association, club or hotel willing an environmental immersion in any space and / or rooms, will find that our solutions perfectly fit their needs.

Learning Through Play

Schools, kindergartens, educational workshops and, in general, any facility that requires an environment of learning through play, can take advantage of our products. The vast majority of children better assimilate the concepts and knowledge transmitted to them while playing and what better way than to feel immersed in a fantasy world.

Aber Hotel

Recreational Room

Educational and Recreational Room

Hallow Council Library

Reading Area Shelves

Educational and Recreational Room

Scenography Design

Theaters, Convention centers, Cultural centres...

Stage Design

We create storyteller spaces, catwalks, small puppet theaters and stages. No matter whether it is a small platform, a room, or a hall, we can always offer a solution that fits your needs.

Projection Screen Areas

Looking for an original screen to present your products? Do you want a fully customized room for projections? Do you love the cinema and want a mini home theater? We will design a themed audiovisual projection space with impactful ideas that will astound you.

Product Presentation

Stage Design

Scenagraphy Design - Stage

Villa in Ibiza

Private Cinema

Scenagraphy Design - Home Theater