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Small Houses and Pods

If you want to increase the supply of your lodging facilities, we offer you a novel option on the market. Our playhouses can be adapted to accommodate up to 4 people including a small dining area. With our products, you can create themed accommodation areas such as Far West American towns, an alpine farm, a medieval village or a fun harbor area. We assure you that your customers, especially younger ones, will be delighted to stay with you and your company will differentiate from competitors by offering a new flexible, economical and exclusive lodging solution.

Within this range of accommodations, you will find small Pods to house 1 or 2 people to bigger houses that will accommodate up to 4 guests. But if your needs are different, like bigger themed huts (Mobile Home), surely we can design products that fit your requirements and your budget.

Branch Campsite

Beach Themed Lodging

Beach Themed Lodging

Pirinees Lodging

Old Mountain Cabin

Old Mountain Cabin Themed Lodging