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Your garden would be unique and special...

Mailboxes and Miniature Houses

If you are tired of the typical decoration elements for your garden, you will be amazed with the products we offer: houses, mills, bridges, small towns, or ancient civilizations. With sizes from 30x30x40cm and lighting option, we guarantee that you will get a touch of originality and distinction for your home.

Feeders and Drinkers

Little houses hanging from trees or mounted on palisades. Promote the protection of local fauna without neglecting the decoration in your garden.

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Garden Decorations USA House

USA House

American style house with interior light. Ideal for decorating a corner of the garden. Being built with phenolic woods of nautical use, it can be placed in areas where the high humidity is habitu...

Starting at 249€

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Garden Decorations Mail Van

Mail Van

Mailbox inspired by old English mail delivery vans. It can be placed on a low wall or on a pole. However, it is so fun and original that many of our customers use it as an element of decoration f...

Starting at 239€

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Garden Decorations Camelot Castle

Camelot Castle

Fantastic castle-shaped mailbox that can be placed on a low wall or a pole. If you prefer, you can also use it as an ornament for your garden. Try installing it on a small promontory surrounded b...

Starting at 219€

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