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NewYork Series

The New York series evokes the city’s night skyline bringing together elements of different heights and depths. With simulated windows made with bright white vinyl, the buildings give the impression of being lit using a minimal ambient lighting. The series is completed with an impressive taxi bed from which to observe "The Big Apple" while resting. All the elements of the series are sold separately so that you can configure your room according to your tastes and needs.

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Kids Bedrooms NewYork Bed

NewYork Bed

This taxi bed represents the old A11 Checker Cab Taxis from 1963. It has a luggage compartment that allows to keep pillows, duvets or bedding. One of the sides simulates double doors that open to...

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Kids Bedrooms NewYork Drawer

NewYork Drawer

Six-drawer chest with skyscraper shape. At the top has a small general purpose cabinet with two shelves adjustable in height. The upper part of the building is illuminated by a high-brightness wh...

Starting at 299€

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Kids Bedrooms NewYork Wardrobe

NewYork Wardrobe

Double wardrobe longer than a meter with a reinforced central bar of great resistance and a shelf that can be adjusted in height. With the doors closed, the wardrobe looks like one of those great...

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Kids Bedrooms NewYork Column

NewYork Column

Narrow column-shaped shelf, ideal for books, movies or board games. It has five shelves of which 4 are adjustable in height. Like the other products in the series, it simulates a building. Its do...

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Kids Bedrooms NewYork CabinetShelf

NewYork CabinetShelf

General purpose wide shelf that simulates a medium size building. It has five shelves of which 4 are adjustable in height. Thanks to its door, it prevents dust accumulation on the shelves....

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Kids Bedrooms NewYork Table

NewYork Table

This robust study table integrates with the whole set simulating part of the New York skyline. It includes two large diameter cable hole covers to facilitate the electrical connection to computer...

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